The Avengers Infinity War: Review


Ten years in the making and all of the past Marvel movie series have built towards the long wait of The Avengers Infinity War film. In my opinion everything fans thought was going to happen in this film. We are all wrong and it’s a great thing.


The best thing about this film is we really have no idea what’s gonna happen in this film, and that is how secretive, an misleading the trailers are for Infinity War. In my opinion it’s a great thing, because the movie experience is their from beginning to end. Every character has a heroic moment in this film. Thanos is the most intimidating, and best villain Marvel studios has displayed, and carries this film extremely well. Thanos is the main character in this film, and you will hate him, and you should. There is a surprised character who makes an appearance nobody will see coming. The serious and humor is balance perfectly in this film. This film has a lot of balls with the direction the film takes.


The biggest con in this film is the slow build up for Thor side story that unfolds in this film. The ending will definitely surprised a lot of people and it will be a mix reaction for audiences, because you will leave the theater wanting more from this film.

Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War is an emotional roller coaster ride from beginning to end. You will laugh, you will be sad, you will be shocked, you will clap, you will cheer, and you will be leaving the theater talking about the ending. I highly recommend everyone to stay after the credits end.

Overall: 9/10

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