Batman: White Knight


If you are a Batman fan who reads Batman comic books. I highly recommend any Batman fan to read “White Knight.” It’s an eight issue limited series written and illustrated by Sean Murphy, who is known for collaborating with Batman writer Scott Snyder on the story Wake, and has done illustrating contribute to DC Comics and the Star Wars comic book titles.

Sean’s Batman: White Knight story came out in October of 2017 and after seven issues release on time with the final issue coming out next month. Many Batman comic book readers (including myself) described Batman:White Knight as a Batman Dark Knight Returns classic level story, and possibly one of the greatest Joker stories of all time.


Batman: White Knight is a non continuity Batman story of the Joker who is cured and goes by the name Jack Napier. Jack Napier was Jokers name to Batman89 Jack Nicholson’ s Joker. Jack who is reform and gets into politics turns the people of Gothams viewpoint on Batman as their greatest villain who is the source to their endless crime cycle in Gotham.

In My Opinion

I will not get into any major spoilers from Batman: White Knight, but to say Sean Murphy’s Batman story displays reverse roles between Batman and Joker and adding realistic evidence or take as to why Batman’ s methods as a cape crusader in Gotham City is bad for the city. Batman:White Knight reveals many surprises, twist, heartbreaks, callbacks, and film easter eggs from Batman’s mythology. Batman: White Knight story in my opinion is up there next to great Batman stories such as TDKR, Batman: Year One, The Killing Joke, and Batman: Long Halloween.

The eight issue graphic novel is release in September 2018 and I highly recommend Baman fans, and comic book fans, to read this book it is a instant classic.

Batman: White Knight

Overall: 10/10

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