The Last Jedi: 5 thumbs up and 5 thumbs down

Spoiler Warning!

By now I think many people have seen the latest episode of Star Wars and its very divisive between Star Wars fans and the casual movie goer. I’ve seen the movie twice and my opinion of the film in my does not change.

Here is my five thumbs up and five thumbs down about the film.

Five Thumbs up!

5. Leia Organa

Seeing the late Carrie Fisher one last time as Leia made the film very special and almost everything she does in the film is a special Sat Wars moment.

4. Po Dameron.

Po has a bigger role in this film compared to The Force Awakens, and his character evolve through out the film from Pilot to lead general. He was fantastic in the first and third acts in this film, and gave the movie audiances some great moments.

3. Ben Solo

The main character in this film in my opinion is Ben Solo. In the force awakens Kylo Ren is just a boy in a mask who feels that he’s in titled to everything because of his bloodline. In the Last Jedi Kylo Ren is destroyed, when Ben destroys his mask and accepts that he needs to take control of his destiny instead of expecting it to fall on his lap. He accomplish this by easily manipulates Rey, and tricks Snoke into thinking he still has control over him, and makes it clear to Hux he’s in charge of the First Order. Donald Driver does a fantastic performance as Ben Solo because he makes him become an unpredictable character in the final act of the film.

2. Light Saber fight scenes

Watching both dark and light forming a short alliance together is something we never seen before in a live action Star Wars film. Both Ben and Rey displays how to use the force in a light saber fight, everything in those scene are amazing.

The light saber duel between Luke and Ben is special for long time star wars fans, because we’ve been waiting for old man Luke to dual Ben in a light saber fight. Even though we learn its hologram of Luke it was still amazing to see Luke still has it.

1. The space battles

In the beginning of Act one we are in action immediately with the Resistance an the First Order in battles. We witness a space ship going into hyper speed and collides into a star destroy. It is beautifully done and will the crowd. All the space battles defines why this film franchise is called Star Wars.

Five Thumbs Down!

5. Lela uses the force in the worst possible way.

When Lela is blown out into space we see her uses the force as a grey force field to force her way back to the ship. The scene is awkward and chessy. I gaurteed we will be seeing many memes across social media.

4. Rey

In The Last Jedi we hope to witness Rey evolve into a powerful strong character and learning more about her background since it was built in the force awakens. In my opinion Rey is handled poorly in this film, and is given no challenges for her to overcome in this film and define why we should love this character.

3. No big payoffs

The Force Awakens build mysteries that we thought would be revealed in the Last Jedi, after a two year built up. Unfortunately Director Rian Johnson dismantled all the exciting payoff things we thought we were getting. It really hurt this film for any who’s expectations were high.

2. Luke Skywalker and the Skywalker legacy

For thirty-four years in the making we get to see Luke Skywalker again since Return of the Jedi. In my opinion Luke Skywalker is the character as to why star wars is so iconic and continue to be popular, because of this iconic character. Mark Hamill is a very professional an well respected actor especially after how Rian Johnson handle his character in the film.

To me Star Wars is always about family and family legacy, because of the name Skywalker. Its why the franchise is still popular an why generations of audiences go see these films. Luke Skywalker is the hope and optimism of the saga. That’s why episode four is called A New Hope. In Rian Johnson movie he ignores what the character means and represent and treats Luke as a scared and negative character in this film, to favor Disney’s new character Rey. Sadly this move ends the Skywalker legacy like this is shame and disappointing.

1. The film is Two hours and Thirty-five minutes to long.

The wasted forty minutes in this film is unnecessary an makes you want to fall asleep. The Finn and Rose side story serve no purpose and displays Finn nothing more than slapstick of a character. The casino scenes reminded me of the prequel series an easy takes you out of the film.

The side Story was meant to display a taste of what director Rian Johnson has plan for his standalone trilogy series. The two hour space chase was poorly executed and no explanation as to why the first order let the resistance live after it was revealed they can track ships in hyper speed. The resistance ships should’ve been destroyed immediately.

These are top five thumbs up and thumbs down of the Last Jedi.

I can probably find many good and horrible things about The Last Jedi but these are the highlights in my opinion.

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