Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Review

Spoilers free

When I left the theaters on December of 2015 after seeing The Force Awakens my excitement for episode eight could not be huge. Boy was I wrong about The Last Jedi.


Great visualization, great lightsaber fights, Ben Solo is much better as a villian in this compared to The Force Awakens. Po Dameron has a bigger role in this film and is one of the positive highlights from episode eight. It was great to see Luke and Leila again. The space battles were fantastic.


This film didn’t need to be long at all, and most of the scenes was dragged out and predictable. The pacing feels like a mess lots of things that were build up from episode 7 is thrown off a cliff. The final thirty minutes feels rush an confusing as to what just happen.

Final Take

Star Wars The Last Jedi is a big let down if you’re a long time fans of the original trilogy. If you were hoping to get some answers, after watching The Force Awakens you will be leaving the theaters unsatisfied. The Last Jedi is created for a new generation of audience and not for the old.



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