Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Review

Spoilers free

When I left the theaters on December of 2015 after watching The Force Awakens my excitement for episode eight The Last Jedi could not be huge. Wow was I wrong about The Last Jedi episode eight by Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy.


Great visualization, good lightsaber fights, Ben Solo is much better as a villian in this compared to The Force Awakens. Po Dameron has a bigger role in this film and is one of the positive highlights from The Last Jedi episode eight. It was great to see Luke and Leila have a scene together since Force Awakens drop the ball with Luke Han and Leila not sharing one scene together . The space battles was fantastic. The movie is visually stunning. The Movie score by John Williams is brilliant as it should be when he does music for Star Wars.


Where do I start. I have a lot of problems with the character direction Rian Johnson wrote for Luke Skywalker, and for Fin in his film. For fans who love Luke Skywalker this is not the same Luke Skywalker fans will remember from the original trilogy.

The choices Rian Johnson’s Luke Skywalker revealed in the film contradicts everything he represented in the original trilogy. There was a lot of cringing moments and over the top comedy moments that was not needed. The film didn’t have to be long at all, and most of the scenes was dragged out and predictable. The pacing feels like a mess lots of things that were build up from episode seven is thrown off a cliff literary. The final thirty minutes of the film felt rush and fans will be confused with how this movie ends for Luke Skywalker, and the actual closing ending it self.

I thought Rey came out looking the same like she was in The Force Awakens. Rey did not have any new challenges to overcome. With no story challenges for Rey everything in the story became easy for her which hurts her from becoming a good character for audiences to connect with.

As for Fin played by John Boyaga. Rian Johnson had no clue what to do for this character. His arc was a sub plot that did nothing for the main plot and was wasted. The character had a good starting in Force Awakens but in Last Jedi he was character that was put to the side.


Star Wars The Last Jedi is a giant disappointment, and a failer to live up to expectations that Force Awakens sets up, and the worse film of the Star Wars franchise. If you are hoping to get some answers, after watching The Force Awakens you will be leaving the theaters unsatisfied. Long time Star Wars fans of the original trilogy will be upset with how Rian Johnson, and Kathleen Kennedy handling of Luke Skywalker, and the story direction in The Last Jedi. This film does not care or appreciate the past original films but pushes the Disney created own version of what that company thinks Star Wars is. If there is a person or persons from Disney to blame for this money grabbing mess it is Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson. The actors did their job they were assign or ask to do. They have no control in story direction.

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