Why The Flash TV Series is the best superhero series on TV 

For those who have never watch the Flash tv series you’re missing out on a great superheroe tv series. When it was announced that Barry Allen will be a guest on Arrow back in 2013 it was a surprise but very exciting at the same time, because the Flash did not have the same recognition and respect as other comic book superheroes. It was the first time someone( Greg Berlanti, and Geoff Johns) from Warners Brothers who wanted to do something with The Flash and his world.

Even though the Flash’s rogue gallery of villains from the comic books are just as great as Batman and Spider-Mans villains. His film was always sitting in development in Hell at Warner Bros, because nobody for a long time did not know what to do with the character.

When the Flash series premiere in Fall of 2014 it was clearly a full on superhero tv series, and it did not hold back for what it was. As a long time comic book fan watching a full on live action superhero tv series in 2014 and present. Is mind blowing because of how far Comic Books are now the norm in other medias.

Unknown DC Comic superheroes

The Flash tv series has a very similar tone with the Rami Spider-Man film series, and shows a lot of heart and respect to the Flash’s mythology from the comic books. The tv series has help other unknown DC Comic superheroes like Cisco/Vibe Firestorm, and now Elgantman. The best thing about this series is that the Flash has tons of popular villains from its rogue gallery from the comic books that the creators can pull from instead of using other heroes villains.

The Rogue

The villains on the Flash is what makes this show great. we’ve seen Grodd, Captain Cold, Reverse Flash, The Trickster, Mirror Man, and many more that will never make an appearance on the big screen


Adding diversity and creating new elements to The Flash’s 71 year mythology makes the series fresh and fits modern times. It will help draw new audience and new fans. The new elements are already taking effect in the upcoming Flash film Flashpoint.

Honoring the past and The Flash History

When Mark Hamill reprise his role as the Trickster it was a surprise but also showing respecting to John Wisley Shipp Flash live action series in the early 90s When Mark Hamill return again for a small appearance it was well worth it because we watch John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick Flash stop him one more time which is one of the many call backs and to The Flash comic book mythology.

Grant Gustin

I remember back in 2013 when the young actor Grant Gustin was cast as Barry Allen for the two part episode in Arrow season two. Since we comic book fans are very spoiled with all sort of comic book films; fans were very critical of the casting choice. Like he’s too skinny, too young, no blue eyes and blonde hair. Nobody thought for second that Warner Brothers is finally doing something with the Flash at the time. Grant Gustin performance as Barry Allen in two part episode made fans surprised and excited to see his portrayal as Barry Allen in The Flash series. Grant Gustin displayed all of what makes Barry Allen a great hero and beloved comic book

When it’s over

It will suck once this series ends. I’m sure fans will go back to the series and appreciate it more the same way we do about Adam West Batman 66 series, Lou Ferrigno’s The Incredible Hulk series, and Landa Carters Wonder Woman series. I think because we have so many comic book related tv series out there the Flash series gets over looked. The Flash series since 2014 has always display respect to its past history, and is one of the few that does so. The show does have its flaws, and who knows how long the series will keep running, but it’s definitely in my opinion the best superhero show on television right now.

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