Thor Ragnarok Review 

No Spoilers Review
This is probably the best Thor film of the three Thor films. Director Taika Waititi came into this film franchise and brought a film style that perfectly fits Thor and his world. This film is a pure comedy film but a deferent kind of comedy compared to James Gunn’s Guardian of the Galaxy’s film series.


Thor, Loki, Valkrie, and The Hulk are all fantastic in this film. They are all entertaining and enjoyable on screen. Adding the Hulk into Thor Ragnarok was a smart decision by Marvel Studios, because the last two Thor films were received mixed.

I found Jeff Goldblum Grand Master hilarious and in my opinion steals the show. There is a lot of call backs to past Thor films and The Avengers films that fans will enjoy hearing about.


Cate Blanchett’s Hela I found really flat, boring, and predictable as a villian. Other than Spiderman: Homecoming; Marvel Studios continues to have trouble finding their villains to be menacing and taken seriously on screen. Karl Urban’s The Excutioner was weak and annoying to watch. Marvel Studios still continues to have trouble displaying there villains as villains if you know what I mean.
Overall: 8/10

Thor Ragnarok is an enjoyable film that does what a blockbuster film supposed to do. It’s funny, fun, and worth going to the theaters.

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