Its about time The Watchmen has its own TV series

With the official announcement on Tuesday night about The Watchmen becoming a HBO series I cannot stop thinking about all the great possibilities, because it will display and expand some parts from the book that didn’t make the film. I love The Watchmen film back in 2009 but having it become a HBO series almost guarantees it will be a thousand times better from the film.

Who knows if it will be a mini series or a series going beyond season one, but in my opinion I think having it as a series expanding past Season one would be better opportunity to introduce the prequel stories that were launched in 2012 by DC Comics. Those stories can be use to help introduced and influence standalone episodes for each character in the series. I think turning the Watchmen into a HBO series will be the best thing Warner Bros has done for the series. Hopefully we don’t see to many changes to the characters and their world from the graphic novel.

I would like to see this series build towards the Watchmen main story and have the first couple of season as prequel or prelude before the main story from the graphic novel. I think it will help the audience grow to love these characters, and watching their betrayal and death will be much more impact full. If HBO does multiple seasons in think certain characters like Rorschach, Nite Owl, Comedian, and Dr Manhattan should each be the main focus character leading into the Season finale.

I think the Season finale can easily be the main Watchmen story on its own after the first few seasons of build up. Whatever direction HBO does with Watchmen I’ll be looking forward to the series when it finally drops. I think with Game Thrones entering it’s final season in 2019 I think HBO found its answer when Game of Thrones is finished. I hope HBO and show runner Damon Lindelof will respect the source material but also add something new to these characters that will make the fresh and exciting.

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