My predictions for Marvels Phase 4 and Beyond


The most anticipated and ten years in the making Marvels film The Avengers: infinity war comes out next year with GIANT expectations and is guaranteed to change the MCU forever. Marvel Studios will not announced any future films until the aftermath of Infinite War. However we do know there will be a Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3, and a Spider-Man sequel to homecoming. I’m sure Marvel will announces sequels to Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and a third Ant-Man film. In my opinion I expect the Avengers 4 sequel to be named The New Avengers. I think the surprise films that will be made will be a Iron Man 4, Nova, Sub Mariner, The Avengers: Secret Invasion, and a surprising forth Captain America film called Captain America: Reborn.

Two reasons why Captain America dies in Infinite War is one Captain America and Thanos scene in Infinite Gauntlet story line is one of the greatest captain america moments of all time, and I expect Captain America and Thanos in The Infinite War film to mirror that moment on a much bigger scale. The second reason I believe Captain America won’t make it out of Infinite War is because Chris Evans only has one film left, with Marvel Studios. However Sabastian Stan has three more films left after Infinite War.

I am willing to bet The Avengers fourth film will be titled The New Avengers staring Iron Man, Hulk, Bucky’Capt Thor, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Vision, Black Panther, Black Widow, Ant-Man and the Wasp. I believe The New Avengers will rise up against Thanos and whatever threat that will be with him in the forth film. I have a gut feeling The New Avengers film will be inspired by Marvel’s Heroic Age from the comics. For the forth Avengers film I do not expect it to be about the Skrulls. I think the Secret Invasion storyline should be build up in anticipation similar way as Thanos and infinity war film was. Probably in seven years in the making instead of ten though.

My prediction for the future of the Captain America film franchise is Bucky will take over the Captain America mantel and will debut as Captain America in The New Avengers. Some how just like Brubaker’s Captain America series, Tony Stark and Bucky will put their differences aside for Steve, and work together to save the world again. I think the Captain America:Reborn will have Bucky questioning himself if he’s worthy as Steve’s successor, because of his history as the Winter Solder. The film’s villain should be The Red Skull’s daughter. I think Captain America: Reborn will be the first true passing the mantel film, and I hope it will be a success. Sebastian Stan was asked recently about Bucky’s future in the MCU and was asked a bout the possibility of his character taking over the Captain America mantel and legacy. He does play coy about it with his interview about the future of Bucky Barnes in the video below. .


The Fantastic Four film franchise returns to Marvel Studios. Yesterday Stan Lee shares his optimism of Fantastic For and the X-Men film franchise returning to the Marvel Studios. In My opinion I believe there is something there about Marvel Studios working out a deal with Fox similar to how Marvel studios made a deal with Sony about Spider-Man for the Fantastic Four franchise, but I am to bet Fox will not surrender the X-Men franchise,because Deadpool, the rebooted X-Men series, and TV series happening Marvel Studios will not get the X-Men franchise back. With the Skrulls back in play with Marvel studios in my opinion Fantastic Four will be coming home to Marvel Studios much sooner than expected, because Fox doesn’t know what to do with that franchise, after completely destroying it.

Overall Marvel Studios has the machine running on full blast. I am sure Kevin Feige has a ten to fifteen year plan of MCU films. I am sure will be getting tons of sequels from Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Antman. I think surprising films will be a 4th Captain America film staring Sabastian Stan as Bucky’Capt. I am sure we will finally get the long waited Submariner film, maybe a 4th Iron Man film depending on how much Marvel is will to sell Robert Downy on a 4th installment, and hopeful a Fantastic Four film produce by Marvel Studios. As a Hulk film I think Mark Ruffalo deserves his own Hulk film but I doubt Hulk will get another opportunity for a standalone film. I think he serves better as Avengers used only. I am sure us the fans will get the Avengers Secret Invasion film as a fifth installment in The Avengers film franchise, because of the introduction to the Skrulls in the upcoming Captain Marvel film, but who knows what Marvel is planing for Avengers sixth film…maybe Dark Avengers, Seige, Civil War two, or Secret Wars? As a long time fan I am enjoying the moment of comic book movies especially from Marvel Studios.

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