My Opinion on how to make a successful Green Lantern film

Since Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern film tanked to the ground and cost Warner Brothers millions of dollars to make back in 2011. Warner Brothers is afraid to touch Green Lantern and his world, which is a shame. I know they announces a “Green Lantern Corps film” but it is not a promise this film will be made, because there is no release date, a director, or an actor attached to this film. The only news close to official about Green Lantern Corps film was early this year on January 12, 2017, when Deadline reported that David Goyer (Blade Trinity) and Justin Rhodes will be writing the film’s script.David Goyer and Geoff Johns are both reportedly producing the film with Jon Berg as executive producer’s base on a story.

According to, back in March 17 2017 reported David Goyer might be the lead to direct the Green Lantern Corps. If it ends up being true this film is already doom from the start. The last major superhero film franchise Goyer directed was Blade trinity. There was reports of issues between Goyer and lead actor Wesley Snipes. The other highlight of Blade Trinity David Goyer could not decide on what ending to use for that film. He decided to use all of the ending scenes in the film and confuse the audience with it’s ending. We have not seen Goyer direct anything since a film called Unborn and that was poorly receive from critics. I’m sure David Goyer has some good ideas as a writer but he is in no way a film director in my opinion.

Warner Brothers should handle the Green Lantern film franchise by not doing another origin story, but telling a Green Lantern story that is far, far away from planet earth and introduce movie audiences to a new world the audience will invest their time. The main character should not be focus on Hal Jordan, but the focus should be on John Stewart Green Lantern, because of the success in the Justice League animated series. Having John Stewart as a establish veteran Green Lantern, who is part of the corps policing in the deep space of the galaxy protecting and serving different worlds is the perfect way to reintroduce the Green Lantern mytho’s.

. Green Lantern mytho’s doesn’t have a strong rogue of villains beside Sinestro, but introducing a character like Mongul as the villain in a Green Lantern film will defiantly draw appeal from moviegoers to see a Green Lantern film. Introducing the Tamaran race, Lobo, and many other characters from the far part of the DCEU will help draw appeal and build potential spin-offs from the Green Lantern franchise if it’s done correctly.

I know Warner Brothers is in the work in progress of making a Green Lantern Corps film, hopefully with whatever direction they use in Green Lantern franchise It can’t be as worse as the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern film. I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds but it wasn’t his fault the Green Lantern film was bad. Creatively the writers tried to incorporate three different stories to fit in one film. If the focus was on one story and one setting the same way Bruce Timm’s Green Lantern: First Flight did I think it would have seen a better film. I hope we do get another Green Lantern film, because the Green Lantern universe is made for a film and with the right people can be a big hit just like the Wonder Woman film.

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