Review: Stephen King’s IT Remake 2017



No Spoilers Review

If anyone is looking for  a great horror film Stephen King’s IT remake is defiantly a must see for any horror fan.  It has scare, it has dark humor, and it’s a HARD Rated R. I will warn people this film does not hold back with its gruesome. Bill Skarsgard does a great job with his breakout performance as Pennywise by adding something new to an iconic character. This film does follow more of the novel, and displays a lot of heart with the Loser Club. For me Richie played by Finn Wolfard (Stranger Things) and Biverly played by newcomer Sophia Lillis steal this film and gives a great performances as their characters.  Director Andy Muschietti (Mama) gives horror fans a fresh take by making IT more of stand alone with the main focus as the Loser club when they are children.


Overall: Movie goers will love the Loser Club and their stand against Pennywise. Stephen King’s IT remake is a classic in the making. I’m sure the studio is already green lighting the sequel as I write this review. I plan to go see this again and pick “IT”up when it comes out on Blue Ray.



                                                                           Score: 9/10

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