My opinion: The direction of DCU and The Watchmen universe

Going back to last year when DCU announce Rebirth, and the tease of the Watchmen universe integrated with the DCU. My eyes roll backed because it felt like DC Comics are at the tipping point of finding original story telling anymore. In my opinion the story of Watchmen ended with Alan Moore’s Watchmen story regardless of how DC Comics uses those characters going forward in the future.

A few years back DC Comics launch Watchmen prequels and tie-in stories. They were written and illustrated by well known creators, and it was a success for all comic book readers who miss reading about these characters. What bugs me is those prequels were very short and went away very quickly. I knew as a long time comic book reader DC Comics was testing the water and even whispers the Watchmen characters might be part of their new 52 line. Even the rumors were almost accurate the fact DC Comics are trying to set-up the Watchmen characters as part of the DCU doesn’t feel right and takes away some of the prestige the watchmen characters have.

I am sure Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are going to knock it out the park with their DCU and Watchmen crossover story. Once their story is told I think long term the Watchmen characters should be better off either not connected to the DCU or left alone. Part of me is interested to read what DC Comics is doing with the Watchmen characters, but I feel like their world should be left alone and not be part of whatever their new DCU will look like after Geoff Johns twelve issue story is told.

Like many Comic Book readers, who invest a lot into comic books and love these characters. I will be reading Doomsday Clock and I hope love it and whatever direction DC Comics takes the Watchmen characters after Doomsday Clock I hope the direction is whats best for the characters and not a quick money grab. I can’t wait for Doomsday Clock with Superman vs Dr. Manhattan as the headline.

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