The Defenders: Review

No Spoilers

I have watched the Defenders miniseries twice,The second time I watch the entire miniseries again its clear it’s worse after watching it a second viewing and does not live up to the hype. What hurts the defenders is that the threat of The Hand who’s supposes to be the big bad group to bring these characters together. Unfortunately they’re not intimidating like we’ve seen in Daredevil season one and two. Lots of the supporting characters from all of the Netflix marvel series makes appearances, but most of them do not serve any purpose but just show up for the miniseries. My main issue is how much of an influence The Dark Knight Rises is use on Daredevil. His story in the Defenders is not organic, and too predictable, because of the strong influences of TDKR.

Pro: Finn Jones who plays Danny Rand is much believable as Danny Rand this time around, Luke Cage is awesome, and the chemistry with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing was executed well. Stick was fantastic in the series, his interaction with Danny Rand, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones is one of the few good highlights from the series.

Cons: The Hand is portrayed very weak and not a threat. The build up to Sigourn Weaverey’s Alexandria character is a waste, Jessica Jones was wasted in this series. Electra is very annoying and is not clear why she is doing what she’s doing. The Hand’s ultimate plan in the Defenders is laughable, and Daredevil in the Netflix series works better on his own and not in superhero team ups.

My Overall take on The Defender it serves as another building piece to introduce the Hero’s for Hire series, and The Daughters of the Dragon spin-off series.

Overall The Defender is a 5/ 10

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