Batman and Harley Quinn Review

No Spoilers

I was very exciting to hear Bruce Timm was revisiting his DCAU with Batman and Harley Quinn animated film. I am hoping this will be the first of many future DCAU films.

Batman and Harley Quinn

Though the trailer hints this film is going to have more of adult themes and play up to the fun nostalgic for long time Batman and DCAU fans. As a long time Dick Grayson fan I’m very happy to hear Loren Lester reprise his voicing role as Dick Grayson, because when I was growing up during the show aired and I’m still reading comic books his voice in my opinion is the definitive Dick Grayson’s voice for me at least. Batman and Harley Quinn is not trying to be the best animated DC film its very clear in the trailers this is meant to be a very fun and enjoyable film for long time fans, and for Bruce Timm to experiment with somethings that he wasn’t allowed to do on any of the DCAU series back in the day. The title says Batman and Harley Quinn but the star is Harley Quinn and Nightwing.

Batman may have the headline but lot of screen time is on Harley Quinn and Nightwing. Melissa Rauch from the Big Bang Theory voices Harley Quinn in the animated feature. Her voice for Harley Quinn is very different, because the film is in Bruce Timm style animation makes you believe Tara Strong or Arleen Sorkin who’s the original voice of Harley Quinn is voices the character, but when Melissa speaks as Harley she does take you out of the film, but does grow on you overtime as Harley Quinn.

Pros: Kevin Conroy, and Loren Lester are back voicing Batman and Nightwing like old times from the Batman animated series. A well-known character makes a surprise appearances. Lots of recognizable minor characters cameo. It’s very surprising and unexpected to see who pops up in the animated film. It’s a fun Batman animated film.

Cons: Confusing ending, and pacing gets slow in the third act.

Since Bruce Timm has return to DC animation, after taking a short break its very clear WB is allowing him to have more freedom control to push boundaries with their characters. Batman and Harley Quinn is not trying to be the best animated DC film its very clear in the trailers this is meant to be a very fun, enjoyable film, and nostalgic call backs to Batman: The Animated Series.

If you’re fans of Batman the animated series nostalgic it’s worth a rental.

Rating 6.5/10

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